Midtown Grand Opening Postcard

Shane Homes
Collaborating with Shane Homes, a premier Airdrie-based home builder, showcases our commitment to excellence. We successfully managed a large-scale project, printing and coordinating the distribution of 50,000+ postcards, meeting the challenge with flawless execution and timely delivery.
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Grand Opening of Gorgeous Midtown, Airdrie homes

At ROZ Marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional print and digital marketing solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. Our recent collaboration with Shane Homes, a renowned new home builder based in Airdrie, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Shane Homes approached us with a specific requirement: to print their postcard admail and seamlessly coordinate the entire direct mail campaign for delivery through Canada Post. The challenge lay in efficiently managing a large-scale project, involving the printing of over 50,000 postcards, while ensuring flawless execution and timely distribution.

With meticulous planning and precision, ROZ Marketing took charge of every aspect of the project. From designing an eye-catching postcard layout to selecting the right print materials, we ensured that Shane Homes' message would be conveyed with impact. Our partnership with Canada Post enabled us to seamlessly organize the distribution process, guaranteeing that each postcard reached its intended recipient effectively.

Seamless Direct Mail Campaign for Shane Homes

Shane Homes' decision to partner with us yielded significant benefits. The strategic combination of print and direct mail allowed them to engage with their target audience in a tangible and memorable way. By delivering personalized messages directly to potential customers' mailboxes, Shane Homes was able to create a lasting impact and foster a stronger brand presence within the local community.

In conclusion, the successful completion of the Shane Homes direct mail project is a testament to our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients. The collaboration showcased the power of integrating print and direct mail within a comprehensive marketing strategy. As a result, Shane Homes not only effectively conveyed their message but also established a strong foundation for continued engagement and growth. At ROZ Marketing, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in Shane Homes' success story, and we look forward to continuously exceeding expectations and delivering impactful marketing solutions.

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